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I know how it can be. Your in a hurry, you want to get one or two simple things done with Solidworks and you need to ask a question. For the most part I can answer common Solidworks questions.  And I want my clients to know that I would be happy to answer your CAD questions. Several of my clients take advantage of this service.

Need a little more than a phone question and answer for CAD. We can arrange for a fee based on-site meeting so I can help and instruct directly.

In dealing with a wide range of clients I have found common hurdles in the design process. And I have experienced what it took to overcome these hurdles. I want to share these experiences with you in an attempt to improve our overall communications. So, with that in mind please check out the topics below. I will add more topics as they arise or I have time to create them. You can view as a .JPG or Edrawing. Download the one that works for you.

Topic #1
There are three basic file types that SolidWorks creates. Sometimes there is confusion about these file types and how they interact with each other. See a simple explanation of these file types, how they interact and what to look for when exchanging SolidWorks data.
".JPG (TER-1005)" "Edrawing (TER-1005)"

Topic #2
During the design process it will be important that we exchange information as easily as possible. So, getting the most "bang" for the "bit" is important. Take a look at the benefits or emailing Edrawing files; is fast and efficient.
".JPG (TER-1006)" "Edrawing (TER-1006)

Link for Free Edrawings download