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This area of my web site is dedicated to providing one of the best things in life. You know? Free Stuff! As I go through my daily activities I occasionally come up with things that save me time, money or energy. And I would like to share these things with you.

There is no exact formula for this page. If I come up with a tool or some CAD advice that would be helpful to others I will post it here. Please check back once in a while and see what I come up with.


I'm so happy and excited to announce that the response to this area of my web site has been tremendous. The statistics on download of these items are well beyond my expectations. Thanks so much for the interest and I hope these items were helpful to you. But, I would like a little feedback. Please feel free to write and let me know your application, products, industry or purpose; maybe some suggestions, corrections, improvements or request for similar items. I'd be happy to post your comments on this page and of course this is all "free" so, there is no obligation to hear sales pitches or buy products; just a free exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Thanks so much,

John Ream

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