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For those of you who use a Sherline Lathe, setting the tool height over and over slows you down; I'm sure you know what I mean. Sherline sells a "Lathe Tool Height Gauge" but it is monolithic in form. So, it may or may not be exactly set to your Sherline turning centerline. I didn't like this solution so I designed a better one and it's free to anyone that wants the plans. This design features two main design points. First, you can adjust the height of the tool to match your lathe and second, it has a thumbscrew that uses a Sherline T-Nut so you can lock it down to the lathe table. Here are some pictures of the one I use and if you use the provided link (TER-1000) you can download the Edrawings file (It's a large file so please be patient). It has the full plans to make this tool.  If you don't know about Edrawings visit my Design Page. Happy Machining!