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The majority of my engineering experience has to do with mechanical design. But to be good at mechanical design I believe one must understand manufacturing. There is nothing like "hands on" experience to produce a superior product. I like to make my designs; fabricate parts or assemble them, and I like to touch physical parts and to see the physical version of what I simulated in CAD.

Also, when I started Terminus Design I realized that there are many folks out there that provided engineering services like design and CAD work. And I knew I needed a defining difference from my competition. So, I built a machine shop. This proved to be a smart move. Many of my clients have taken advantage of this. I can truly say I have a full featured mechanical engineering design service. I'm set up to take a project from concept through to production or anywhere in between for that matter.

So, with that in mind please take a look at my machine shop. And here is a short list of equipment.  Note: I have seen many mills and laths; these tools become almost useless without accessories and tooling. I am committed to constant growth and I want to get as much from these tools as possible. I have an extensive collection of accessories and tooling; at this point there are few things my shop isn't capable of producing.