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I have worked in the engineering field for over 26 years. I have twenty years of CAD experience. I have mastered many CAD packages. Do you remember any of these: LogiCAD, Gerber 5000, Anvil, Calma, AutoCAD and ME30? There were many others but these are the ones I took to a high level. And some of these CAD packages are still used today. A little over four years ago I started hearing about a new CAD package called Solidworks. After exhaustive research I determined that Solidworks would be prefect. Perfect for me to use in my new small business. I have used Soidworks since. I am fully licensed and stay current.

In addition to Solidworks I have made use of a variety of companion software’s to improve the design process, communications and to provide fast superior service. I use Photoworks and have produce many eye catching photo-realistic pictures, Toolbox to make fastener creation fast and easy, Solidworks Viewer provided an easy way for customers that didn’t have Soidworks to view and use the CAD data I generated, Edrawings has been a real success, providing my clients and I a easy to use, highly interactive method of communications.

State of the art CAD software and companion software isn’t enough for my clients. I keep my computer in tip top running condition. My PC doesn’t slow down the CAD and visa versa.What dose this all mean to you? Superior CAD knowledge, current experience, proven ability and constant growth.