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As my shop grows I end up with good tools that are no longer needed. These are fine tools but they just don't have a place in my shop. So, I would like to find them a good home. Please email me at and you can ask any questions you have or make arrangements to take possession of your new tool!

Dremel Drill Press ($20.00)
Like New with original instructions. I outgrew this item early on. It really is a nice tool; it works great.

Plotter ($295.00)
Purchased used, has original manual and two cables (two common wiring schemes). In service 4 years. In storage last 5 years.

Height Gauge with dial indicator ($35.00)
Import. Works great! 6" range; fine adjustment wheel and thumb locks. Comes with original box. I have added a 12" gage so I don't need this one anymore. Perfect for small projects or your office desk.

Sherline Rotory Table ($195.00)
Like New with original instructions. I haven't touched this tool since I purchased the CNC version. Tool is in excellent condition. Used few times and has been in storage for a year.