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Years of commitment to my discipline have given me the opportunity to work with some of the best professionals out there. Here is what some of those people have to say about me.

"It has been a pleasure to work with John Ream on a number of critical projects for Boston Scientific/EPI. John is a talented engineer. I have a high confidence in John's technical capabilities. He has consistently produced quality work on a timely and professional manners."
Vinh H. Vo - Principal Engineer, Boston Scientific/EPI

"It has been a pleasure to work with John Ream on several critical projects for Advanced Stent Technologies. John is a very creative and talented engineer. He quickly grasped our concepts and took ownership of the project. He is thorough and demonstrates quality workmanship throughout the project. He has a unique ability to understand the design problem and come up with innovative ideas to solve them."
Eric Williams - V.P. Research and Development and COO Advanced Stent Technologies

"John has the ability to take on projects in mid-stream that need detailed design assistance with "next day" response and also produce work from concept through to final results - all of it on time!"
John Dickinson -Engineering Manager 

"The key factor that I find in all of John's work is his dedication and sense of ownership."
Jeffrey M. Jones - R&D Manager, Mechanical Design

"I have a high confidence in John Ream's technical capabilities. He is thorough, has high ethics, and takes care to deliver on time."
Kambiz Ghaerzadeh - Project Manager

"The personal and professional attributes that I admire in John are: his professionalism, his dedication and work ethic, his ingenuity, and his ability to very quickly understand the design problem and come up with ways to solve the issue."
Dave White - R&D Manager, Mechanical Design

"John Ream has consistently produced quality work on time."
Mike Rold - Engineering Services Manager

"It has been our pleasure to work with John Ream on a critical project for Pharmchem Laboratories. He quickly took ownership of the project and developed a design using our requirements married to the limitations of the various systems. He then worked with the manufacturer of the assembly to make sure that the end product met our requirements. John demonstrated quality workmanship throughout the project."
Jerry Lee - IS Director, PharmChem Laboratories, Inc.